Landscaping with Stone – Common Blunders and Fixes

Landscaping with Stone – Common Blunders and Fixes

Stone is one of the most useful of all landscaping materials. It can be used to create retaining walls, beautiful water features, and much more. The usual mistakes, in fact, are a combination of too much enthusiasm and not understanding the uses of the materials.

Working with stone, basics

Before you spend a single cent on stone, you need to carry out a thorough assessment of exactly what you need, the types of stone you need and consider your structural options. You can spend large amount of money getting things very wrong, if you don’t do these very basic things.

Sourcing your stone

Another common problem is sourcing inferior quality materials. Landscaping stone, particularly structural stone, needs to be of very good quality. It does cost a little more, but believe us when we say that you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money by getting the right stone. Inferior quality stone can be a real liability; it may crack, weather badly, and cost you a lot more money simply fixing the problems it causes.

The best types of stone for landscaping

Good quality landscape rock does a lot more than simply stop your landscaper from crying and tearing out his or her hair. It delivers excellent color design options, excellent strength, and beautiful facings for the most demanding landscapes. Granite, in particular, is a favorite for its exceptional strength, versatility and structural roles. Granite can also be cut into angular rock and construction morphologies quite easily.

We found a good example of high quality landscaping stone to show what we mean – The stone is quarried by Ringo Canyon Granite LLC or, a granite quarry near Phoenix, that includes a complete spectrum of sized high quality stone, from boulders to “granite mulch” processed stone, which can be used for an incredible variety of different industrial construction purposes.

If you check out our website here at, you’ll see very high quality stone in its processed forms. That’s the sort of stone you need, already pre-sized and ready to spread. You can contact them online or by phone if you’re interested in sourcing top quality stone on your project.

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