About Our Products

We have a complete line of traditional landscape products including minus material, ½” and ¾” screened products, and landscape cobble.

We also specialize in Rip Rap production.

Every rock, no matter how little or big, gets processed and sized. Between our Rip Rap processing machine, which is a Powerscreen Warrior 1800, and our four (4) BlueLine reduction deck grizzlies, we can produce any Rip Rap size your project needs. We keep an inventory rock sizes 2-3 feet and larger and a selection of boulders, some of which are very large. Boulders can dramatically enhance your landscape, delineate your driveway entrance, or be used to control traffic flow, as well as other uses.

We can also provide Track Out rock and Bedding material.

We can help you select the correct products to achieve your specific stabilization, beautification, or erosion control needs.

The Staff at Ringo Canyon Granite, LLC.

Ringo Canyon Granite

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