Our site is in a beautiful natural setting. We have an organized, neat, and efficient operation. Our site has a modest but attractive office, a Southwestern Scale Company, Inc. 70’ x 11’ Sidewinder truck scale, and scale house with digital readout visible from the haul truck’s cab.

Our processing equipment consists of a Powerscreen 1800 Warrior and a 3 Deck 4 product Powerscreen 2100.

Our material is primarily handled with our new 7.3 CY Hyundai HL 780 wheel loader and 3 smaller support units utilized on an as-needed basis for production and loading.

On an as-needed basis we have had a D9 and 345 excavator perform specific support tasks on site. These units are not currently on site.

We only have what we need on our site, keeping the typical “junkyard look” to a minimum, enhancing the safety and appearance of our site.

Ringo Canyon Granite

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4650 N Kain Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85705