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Elongation is a problem in a number of rock sources in the Phoenix area. This term refers to the basic shape of the quarried material having elongated flat surfaces. When rock is utilized for Channel Bank Stabilization, the specific gravity or unit mass of the rock relative to water as well as its shape both contribute to its stability or its ability to remain in place when flood water is flowing down the channel.

The shape of the rock produced at any given source is a product of the natural fissuring of the parent material. The more the parent material is dominated by horizontal fissuring the more the rock produced exhibits a plate-like characteristic which translates into potential rejection of the rock due to elongation.

The Ringo Canyon Granite quarry site is benefited by the geologic good fortune of having equal numbers of vertical and horizontal fissures. This characteristic allows the rock produced to have better 3 dimensional proportions, meaning the length, width, and height or thickness of our Rip Rap has less variation, like a block, creating maximum stability when placed in service.

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